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Everything has changed, whether it’s how we see the world, how we interact with others, how we exchange money for goods, or how we educate ourselves and our children; nothing will ever be the same again after COVID-19. While many are thinking about the economy, or their jobs or how to keep themselves safe during travel, we at VirusPro are thinking about how to keep your children safe with infection and hygiene control products for schools in York. The old system of keeping things clean is simply not good enough anymore and we intend to give the best possible solutions and products for your school in order to keep children safe in their learning environment so that you can go about the business of educating young minds without fear of illness.

Then Vs Now


Here is what will never change, kids needing to hop on the bus to get to school, dipping their hands into each other’s lunch boxes, wiping snotty noses on sleeves then playing with their friends, holding hands, whispering secrets into each other’s ears and general close physical interactions that children don’t even think about. But what can change is how we keep them clean and virus free, how we can educate teachers, cleaners, and other facilitators on infection and hygiene control products for schools in York to let children be children without the worry as they grow up to be conscious about personal sanitation habits. 

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I can't thank VirusPro enough for them being there to provide us the hygiene and infection control products we needed to get our school prepared and ready to re-open following lockdown.

Infection and hygiene control products for schools in York


While we are sure that schools have always taken cleanliness seriously, we feel that there are a few extra things that are important to do at this time post-COVID, when last was the playground disinfected and what products were used? Was it just a hose-down or do you just let the rain take care of it? Does the teaching staff have access to the correct cleaning products in their classroom should there be a child who got sick or if there is a spill? Do staff have access to the correct PPE and what are the school’s plans for keeping children safe going forward?

Things for schools to consider

It is important to consider things like face masks, colour-coding cleaning equipment, and hand sanitizers at this time, to go the extra mile in keeping schools safe and virus free and to educate learners on the importance of proper sanitation. It is no longer enough to have soap dispensers in the bathrooms, but at entrances to the school, the classrooms and offices, and even the playground to encourage children and teachers alike to keep their hands clean and disinfected. 


Giving parent peace of mind

With good infection and hygiene control products for schools in York there will be no need for any fear on the parents part in sending their kids back to school because they can rest assured that their school is doing everything to protect the health of learners, while some schools in the east have implemented face shields for students, there may be a similar route that schools in the UK take with regards to face masks and PPE for learners and educators. Whatever the decisions and changes the school chooses to make for sanitation and infection control, we offer a full range of options to best suit the environment of education and play.


Keeping clean and hygienic should never come from a place of fear, we are not trying to create germaphobes who are afraid to go outside or touch another human, our years of experience in this industry can help you create a mindful environment of cleanliness within the school that encourages both learners and staff to keep a sanitary space free of contamination and full of healthy people.

Infection Control

Effective hand and surface hygiene practices and odour remediation can assure infection control across all aspects of your business. Infectious diseases and gastrointestinal disorders are frequently spread through contact with contaminated surfaces as well as infected individuals. Initial recommends an effective infection control and hand hygiene compliance programme incorporating the following elements:

Regular hand washing

Effective hand drying

Use of hand sanitiser

Regular surface cleaning

Complete surface disinfection

Odour remediation


Protect your employees and your customers by investing in these quality products from Initial designed to assure infection control across your business.

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Stop The Spread

Learn these healthy habits to protect yourself from disease and prevent germs and infectious diseases from spreading.

Handle & Prepare Food Safely.

Wash Hands Often dry and sanitise

Clean & Disinfect Commonly Used Surfaces.

Cough & Sneeze Into tissue or your Sleeve.

Don't Share Personal Items.

Hygiene Products

Face Masks

Hand Sanatizer

Cleaning Products


Our Company having been supplying Hygiene & Infection Control, we have a wealth of knowledge of the industry giving you and your business peace of mind that your Companies hygiene & Infection control concerns are in good hands. 

With the World in a state of shock and Panic over the Covid19, Good hygiene practice has never been more important for everybody.

The Hygiene & Infection Control range has been selected to offer the most effective solutions for you and your business.

Stock levels are replenished weekly stock permitting, if the product you have purchased is not in stock we will always endeavour to complete the order with a suitable alternative.

Covid 19 is going to change the World as we know it, Hygiene levels that are Exeeptable today will have to be more stringent on so many levels, Infection Control, PPE, Cleaning & Hygiene.

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