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Hygiene Solutions for Business

VirusPro leading the way in Hygiene Control through the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Supplier of Virus Control Cleaning Products for all Industries

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I can't thank VirusPro enough for them being there to provide us the hygiene and infection control products we needed to get our school prepared and ready to re-open following lockdown.

Infection Control

Effective hand and surface hygiene practices and odour remediation can assure infection control across all aspects of your business. Infectious diseases and gastrointestinal disorders are frequently spread through contact with contaminated surfaces as well as infected individuals. Initial recommends an effective infection control and a reliable hygiene product and good hand hygiene compliance programme incorporating the following elements:

Regular hand washing

Effective hand drying

Use of hand sanitiser

Regular surface cleaning

Complete surface disinfection

Odour remediation


Protect your employees and your customers by investing in these quality cleaning solutions from Initial designed to assure infection control across your business.

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Stop The Spread

Learn these healthy habits to protect yourself from disease and prevent germs and infectious diseases from spreading.

Handle & Prepare Food Safely.

Wash Hands Often dry and sanitise

Clean & Disinfect Commonly Used Surfaces.

Cough & Sneeze Into tissue or your Sleeve.

Don't Share Personal Items.

Hygiene Products

Face Masks

Hand Sanatizer

Cleaning Products



VirusPro having been supplying Hygiene & Infection Control for over 20 years, we have a wealth of knowledge of the industry giving you and your business peace of mind that your Companies hygiene & Infection control concerns are in good hands. 

With the World in a Panic over the Covid19, good hygiene practice has never been more important for everybody, hands, face, space has to be practiced on a daily basis in order to reduce our chances of exterminating this deadly virus.

VirusPro Infection Control range has been selected to offer the most effective solutions for you and your business.

 Hygiene levels that are acceptable today will have to be more stringent on so many levels, Infection Control, Hygiene Products & Cleaning Solutions.

Innovative Solutions

In a Crowded competitve Market you need to be able to stand out from your competitors

Viruspro have listed below some of our ground breaking New products to tackle various areas of infection Virus and hygiene control. 

Biotab7 Medical Grade disinfectant 

The ultimate antimicrobial destroying germs, viruses, bacteria and fungi.

BIOCIDE Destroys all disease causing microorganisms and transmissible agents.

DEODORIZER Kills odour-causing bacterial microorganisms in the air, leaving it smelling fresh.

PURIFIER Fresh drinking water without chemical fumes, toxic ingredients, or by-products.

Biotab7 offers 18 products in 1 check out out on our Products page.

Safe Point Anti-Viral Sanitiser Aerosol Spray Specially formulated with strong anti-bacterial and virus-fighting ingredients, Safepoint offers protection and reassurance even in high-traffic and busy areas.



Room Aerosol Sanitiser in a can for fogging  contaminated areas or building which may not have been used due to lockdown, 200ml aerosol releases a fog in the space it's placed, killing viruses, bacteria and mould. It is an alcohol-based solution with additional biocides.

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