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Cannot fault the Service

Always wary of something that sounds to good to be true, but was happy to be proved wrong.

Products are as described fantastic service

J fisher

Fast, Reliable, Affordable

I can't thank VirusPro enough for them being there to provide us the hygiene and infection control products we needed to get our school prepared and ready to re-open following lockdown.

D Jones

Love the products

Always receive a freebie 

which is most welcome

cannot recommend this enough 

A Warner

Great Products, Great Service

Products that actually do what they say, very good advice and tips on hygiene control.

M Watson

Customer Satisfaction
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Germ-kit on the go is a portable hygiene control Solution for Businesses who takes there hygiene control seriously enough to know that any surface has potential for cross contamination, touch points on a daily basis are prone to germs and potentially more serious pathogens.

Germ-kit.com offers any business who want 24/7 access to antibacterial cleaning supplies, disinfectant alcohol wipes, alcohol hang gel rub, Sanitizing air freshener for use on the go.

Supplied in a handy portable waterproof case Germ-kit is your go to Cleaning Solution.

Replacement Germ-kit products available in the shop at discounted prices.

With FREE Next day delivery and the option of purchasing via subscription Germ-kit offers you Professional hygiene control cleaning products at great prices.

Check out our other website https://www.germ-kit.com/

Virus Pro, have supplied Commercial cleaning products and hygiene solutions for over 20 years, we have a wealth of knowledge of the industry, having worked in a variety of sectors for many years.


Industries supplied include  Healthcare the care home industry through out the UK, Hospitality industry which includes hotels and restaurants and the Education sector mainly primary and secondary schools, This offers you and your business peace of mind that your company's hygiene and infection control are in good hands. 

Our Products are UK Manufactured where possible doing our bit for the environment is as important as looking after the customer, our green credentials include recycling of waste plastic cartons and cardboard where possible

This past 12 months has highlighted how important good hygiene practice is for everybody, 

Virus Pro Infection Control range has been selected to offer the most cost effective solutions for you and your business.

Stop The Spread

Learn these healthy habits to protect yourself from disease and prevent germs and infectious diseases from spreading.

Handle & Prepare Food Safely.

Wash Hands Often Dry and Sanitize

Clean & Disinfect Commonly Used Surfaces.

Cough & Sneeze into Tissue or your Sleeve.

Don't Share Personal Items.

Infection Control

Effective antiviral cleaning agents, can assure infection control across all aspects of your business. Infectious diseases and gastrointestinal disorders are frequently spread through contact with contaminated surfaces as well as infected individuals, we recommend using antibacterial cleaning supplies, antiviral disinfectants  an effective infection control and a reliable hygiene product and good hand hygiene compliance incorporating the following elements:

Regular hand washing

Effective hand drying

Use of hand sanitizer

Regular surface cleaning

Complete surface disinfection

Odor remediation

Protect your employees and your customers by investing in these quality hygiene solutions from, designed to assure infection control across your business.

Micro Kill Antiviral Surface Cleaner


Microkill surface sanitizer is a New additon to the Virus pro range.

Supplied in a handy 50ml and 500ml spray bottle it can be kept on you for use in the car at work at home etc.


Micro Kill is a revolutionary product that is a certified virucidal, bactericidal and yeasticidal cleaner. Micro Kill sanitises all water washable surfaces, including; carpets, upholstery and soft furnishings, hard surfaces, walls, floors, toilets and washrooms etc. Micro Kill is bleach free and non-hazardous.

This reformulated product kills: Swine Flu, HIV, Hepatitis C, MRSA, Clostridium Difficile (C. Diff), Common food poisoning bacteria, mould, mildew, fungi, yeast. On test, this product passes: EN1276, EN14476 and EN1650, supplied in 50ml or 500ml ready to use.


Recommended for general disinfection in the infection prevention and control for 2019-nCoV

An essential everyday product to fight cross infection. Widely used in public areas e.g. schools, sports facilities, gym equipment, hotel washrooms, animal handling etc. Bleach free, non-hazardous, non-toxic.


This certified product passes BSEN 1276 & BSEN 14476 kills HIV Hepatitus c MRSA.

Along with various viruses and bacterias full test certificate is available upon request.

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