antiviral disinfectant sanitizer in a Can !

Infection and hygiene control has never been so important for everybody, Through Covid19 businesses have become very vulnerable on so many different levels, lack of business, customer uncertainty that their premises are safe, especially restaurants, hotels etc, any safe guards and re assurances are a bonus.

Biggest Cross contamination is through your hands, bacteria breeds through moisture heat and time, just because you cannot see germs does not mean they are not their.

By regularly cleaning areas that are touched the most, will give your business the best chance in keeping the highest level of hygiene Control.

VirusPro are introducing a New product to our range, a 500ml antiviral disinfectant sanitizer spray In a can, ideal for use on all touch points areas such as door-handles, hand rails and light-switches: Anywhere you can think that gets touched regularly, with a kill rate of 99.99% of enveloped viruses, bacteria and molds, Safe touch is an effective solution for staff to clean as they go

Offers quick-drying - no need to wipe down! antiviral disinfectant sanitizer spray  can be used as alternative or a valuable addition to your #chemicalcleaningproducts

Specially formulated with strong anti-bacterial and virus-fighting ingredients, safe touch offers protection and reassurance even in high-traffic and busy areas.

Conforms to BSEN 14476, BSEN 1650 and BSEN 1276 standard.

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