Catching Germs in School

Educational institutions are required to provide a learning environment that is stimulating intellectually, physically, and emotionally while also meeting students’ health and well-being interests. limiting risk of infection or transmission of infectious diseases, it is essential that schools understand that a deeper level of advanced cleaning is required that goes beyond surface cleaning, that targets invisible dirt as well as visible. This is achieved by using bacteria-killing formulated sanitizers and sterilizers in addition to making sanitizer stations and dispensers easily accessible.

Related to this is also instructing children on how to reduce transmission through properly using sanitizing products. It is towards this aim that we offer dedicated approved quality hygiene and sanitization products especially developed for Infection and hygiene control in schools.

Clean school Environment

The physical childcare facility environment also includes equipment and toys that must be kept hygienically clean.

● Cleaning schedules should be made available

Cleaning schedules should be drawn up according to everyday, weekly and monthly intervals that detail the specific various cleaning duties and responsibilities and the staff member responsible for having to carry them out. The educational institution should take steps to ensure their staff responsible for cleaning is adequately trained for the purpose and to monitor their efforts. It is critical that staff wear personal protective equipment (PPE) when performing these tasks and so there should always be an adequate supply available. At Virus Pro we have in stock plenty of #cleaningproducts to include anti-bacterial wipes, hand soaps, heavy duty floor degreasers, disinfectant sprays and a range of hand sanitizers (alcohol, instant foam) and washroom and surface cleaners.

● Make health and safety information available

Education and dissemination of information to children and staff related to the importance of hygiene and sanitization should be made a priority. Guidance on how to make use of the hand sanitization dispensers, for example, provided conveniently nearby will help promote a culture of health and hygiene consciousness.

● Adhere to the practical guidance as stipulated in the ‘Health Protection in Schools and other Childcare Facilities’ regulations

Schools and childcare facilities are provided with practical advice and guidance on what is deemed adequate to maintaining a clean and healthy environment and should ensure that these guidelines are followed. We can offer assistance with how to apply color-coded cleaning systems in relation to sanitizers and related products.

Throughout our extensive experience in this sector, we have been able to build on an enviable amount of knowledge and expertise to catapult Virus Pro as a leading infection and hygiene control vendor. Make sure to get in touch with us should you have any questions on the services we provide or products we use.

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