ULV fogging equipment is used predominately for the application of disinfectants, biocides, fungicides and pesticides. Our ULV fogging machines generate a fog or mist formed of Ultra Low Volume (ULV) droplets between 5-50 microns (μm) in diameter. Studies have shown that droplets of this size are ideal to tackle pathogens, vector carriers and pests. In addition formulations can be applied in concentrations of 10-90% and at flow rates of up to 0.5 litres per minute (30 litres per hour) making them more efficient in the Volume Median Diameter (VMD) spectrum.


Pathogenic microbes such as virus, fungi and pathogenic bacteria are the main cause of airborne or direct contact diseases affecting animals and humans. Studies show the application of disinfectants and biocides via aerosol or fogging significantly reduce number of viable infectious pathogens. Foggers produce micro droplets that float in the air for around 10 minutes after application, reaching most inaccessible parts where conventional cleaning or spraying can’t reach.


E.coli Pathogenic bacteria contribute to many illnesses and infections whether food borne, water borne or air borne. These include diseases such as E-coli, MRSA, C. difficile, Campylobacter, Legionella and Salmonella. Unhygienic food preparation, water storage and air conditioning systems can harvest as well as spread these diseases. Bacteria such as MRSA and C. difficile are especially troublesome in hospitals, prisons and nursing homes, where patients with open wounds, and weakened immune systems are at greater risk of infection.


Influenza Viral infections make up around one third of cases of food poisoning in developed countries. Examples of these viruses including Norovirus and Rotavirus. Other common viral infections include cold viruses and Seasonal influenza (the flu). An increasing concern due to a growing global population are animal or bird to human transmissions such as H1N1 (swine flu), and H5N1 strain of bird flu. Disinfection of surfaces using a fogger is essential to stop the spread of these infections.


Many fungi are parasites on plants, animals (including humans). Some fungi can cause serious diseases in humans, several of which may be fatal if untreated. These include Aspergillosis, coccidioidomycosis and mycetoma's. Molds are a common component of household and workplace dust. However, when mold spores are present in large quantities, they can present a health hazard to humans, potentially causing allergic reactions and respiratory problems. Some molds can also produce mycotoxins which can pose a serious health risk to humans.

Mold on ceiling Mold in the home can usually be found in damp, dark or steamy areas e.g. bathroom or kitchen, cluttered storage areas, recently flooded areas, basement areas, plumbing spaces, areas with poor ventilation and outdoors in humid environments. Fogging is used to apply fungicides to target mold in places such as bathroom or kitchen ceilings, behind boilers, recently flooded areas, basements and areas with poor ventilation.


• Hydrogen peroxide with Silver Nitrate Solutions: Used in hospitals as a high level disinfectant. Usually diluted with demineralized water (ratio 200:800 mg). Silver nitrate makes it less susceptible to allergic reactions.

• Potassium peroxymonosulfate (commercial names include Virk on or Traficant) – Is a multi-purpose disinfectant that can be used anywhere to control pathogens.

• Polyaminopropyl biguanide: A Low toxicity bactericidal at very low concentrations (10 mg/l).

• Hypochlorite – (chlorine derivative) – A disinfectant commonly used in food industry to fog hard to reach places. For general sanitation, a concentration of 200 parts per million (ppm) of chorine is generally used.

• Formaldehyde (formalin): A highly toxic aqueous solution that kills most bacteria and fungi (including their spores).


Voltage: 110V/220V 50HZ

Medicine box capacity: 4.5L

Range: 5-10M

Power: 1400W

Power cord length: 5M


1, hotel, hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, and family fumigation; Sterilization

2, hospitals, schools, theaters and other public places disinfection

3. Cars Trains


1. Fixed valve can be adjusted up and down 60º, which is convenient and labor-saving.

2. 4.5L ultra-low capacity, convenient and fast portable design.

Fogging Sanitizer

High dilution rate allows quick refill on site without carrying too much chemical! Dilution rate of of 1:12.5L (1 bottle will create 62L!!) Safe to use in fogging machine.

Spray onto surfaces and allow to dry. Manufactured to standard of BS EN 1276 & 13697/2001 testing. Eradicates E-coli in 30 seconds!

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