Decontamination - Spray In a Can

2020 Covid19 brought the world to a Stand still, a never before seen virus destroyed many lives, sent businesses into bankruptcy and sent a message to everybody worldwide, we cannot take hygiene control lightly, good infection control should be part of every ones daily return at home at work or out and about.

Infectious diseases pose a serious threat to the health of everyone, they can be spread via airborne microbes, bodily fluid, needles and sharps or even from raw sewage. Outbreaks of viruses can happen at any time and anywhere from your workplace and schools to care homes and hospitals. Ensuring continuous high hygiene standards to prevent the spread of infection has never been more important.

According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention some two million people become sick due to infections caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria each year. At least 23,000 people die as a direct result of these infections, but that’s just part of the picture. Many individuals who officially succumb to other conditions do so after their health is compromised by an antibiotic-resistant infection.

Overuse of antibiotics is a major factor in the increase in antibiotic resistance, and it’s a problem with which everyone can help by taking steps to eliminate germs and other infectious agents before they get the chance to cause illness. Germ foggers are one way to get the job done.

A germ fogger is an invaluable tool in your ongoing efforts to protect your health. These room fogger canisters allow you to quickly and easily sanitize an entire room with just the push of a button. How does a germ fogger / room fogger work? A propellant inside the can triggers the release of a fine mist of powerful biocides disinfecting throughout the room, eliminating germs, bacteria, and other harmful micro organisms on everything the fine mist touches.

Viruspro mission is to offer a hygiene solution to combat every hygiene scenario, industrial or portable Fogger machines are not always practical and can be more expensive, Especially if the area is a small space, room or vehicle.

The Total Release Sanitizer brings total peace of mind, used as an alternative to #medicalgradecleaningproducts it can disinfect your space in a matter of minutes.

Specially formulated with strong antibacterial and virus-fighting ingredients, Sanitizer offers protection and reassurance. 

Once the can is set off, within 5 minutes it creates an anti-bacterial and anti-viral fog.

After sanitizing the space it’s in, solution evaporates, leaving no residue. Just return after 20 minutes, ventilate the room you are good to go

Large room coverage of 100 cubic meters. More than one can be used for larger spaces.

Total release sanitizer can also be used in a range of vehicles: It will sanitize a cars interior and run through your air-conditioning system.

Total release sanitizer will also eliminate odors that are caused by bacteria, leaving a clinically clean smell with no added perfumes offering total reassurance.

We manufacture the Total Release Sanitizer in the United Kingdom. Tested and approved: Meets BS EN 14476 as well as BS EN 1276 and BS EN 1650 standards for biocidal efficacy

The first step in utilizing any germ fogger / room fogger is to read the instructions thoroughly. Germ fogger is a final step to cleaning after your normal cleaning routine is complete; it does not replace cleaning. Once your space has been cleaned, use the germ fogger to disinfect any places you may have overlooked or been unable to reach.

Once your area is clean, close any open doors or windows in the space you wish to disinfect. Eliminate as much air movement as possible by turning off fans and air conditioning units. No pets or people should be present in the space being disinfected when the fogger is activated, Place the canister on a few sheets of newspaper in a central location; a higher position on a table or counter can allow the fogger to reach a larger area.

Once prepped, shake the cannister well to set off simply push the button or tab till it locks, and quickly leave the room. Fogger will release a powerful fog that disperses disinfectant content throughout entire space. After hanging briefly in the air, will settle on various surfaces, disinfecting and deodorizing everything it touches.

Safe to return one hour after treatment. Leave longer in the space to treat stubborn odors and better results, Once interval has passed, you can return and collect the canister. Many canisters are recyclable, so be sure to dispose of properly. It is recommended to crack a few windows or doors to air out the room after treatment is complete.

Why use a germ fogger? These products offer several appealing benefits:

  • Incredibly effective way to eliminate germs and create a healthier environment.

  • Deliver disinfectant to places that might otherwise be missed, overlooked, or out of reach.

  • Require very little effort from the user to generate a great result.

  • Simple and safe to use.

  • Cost effective.


When shopping for a germ fogger or room fogger, be sure to select a product from a reputable company whose products are safe and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) keep records of all approved products and assigns each product an EPA number. Look for this EPA number on the germ fogger’s label to validate its EPA approval. Review product’s ingredients and directions to ensure you’re comfortable with operating the product.

Why use fogging?

  • Fast, efficient deployment

  • Cost effective alternative to traditional disinfection cleaning

  • Higher efficacy of disinfection when combined with traditional disinfection cleans

  • Causes minimal disruption to businesses

  • Technique kills 99.9% of known viruses including Coronavirus

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