Vehicle Surface Germs

Foods dropped between seats, in crevices within the console, base of the seats creates a breeding ground for bacteria. Keep the windows up and park in the hot sun, food debris begins to multiply and spread throughout the vehicle. The thought of eating off a toilet seat is horrifying, but few people realize that eating in the car is likely to make you more sick.

How dirty does that make the average Vehicle, looking at the numbers for the average amount of bacteria per square centimeter, to see which commonly touched surfaces of an average vehicle harbor the most bacteria, then compared them to public surfaces many of us touch on a daily basis.

The average steering wheel, which was was found to have 629 per square centimeter, was far dirtier than some of the most frequently touched spaces, including:

  • Four times dirtier than a public toilet seat at 172 per square centimetre

  • Two times dirtier than public elevator buttons at 313 per square centimetre

Even if you sanitized your vehicle interior on a regular basis, there are some germ infested places that are just unavoidable. Most notably, the gas pump. Petrol stations are a cesspool of bacteria, pump handle harbor thousands of germs that other other hands have touched, transferring bacteria to the inside of your car.

Germs found at a gas pump might send shivers up your spine. Compared to other public locations where the germ count was in the hundreds, the average gas pumps measure in the millions. While these numbers are extremely high, not all bacteria found at gas pumps are dangerous. However, some bacteria, like Staphylococcus (sometimes referred to as “staph”), are responsible for a multitude of complications like skin infections, food poisoning and toxic shock syndrome. Another strong reason to wash your hands and sanitize your vehicle after visiting the pump.

Many of us don’t realize the dangers of a dirty car. Surface cleaning is important to remove contaminants, but bacteria and fungi can reappear in hidden areas. With Vehicles being an enclosed space, bacteria can grow and spread rather quickly. This is why thorough disinfection, after removal of the more noticeable debris, is crucial exercise good hygiene while on the road.

Steps to keep a clean germ free vehicle

Keeping cleaning products in your vehicle, recommended

Antiviral disinfectant Sanitizer spray 1x500ml

Antiviral air sanitizer aerosol spray 1x8 oz

Alcohol sanitizer gel with 85% Alcohol 1X100ml

Antiviral vehicle fogger spray 1x150ml

Disinfectant Alcohol cleaning Wipes 1x28

Antiviral fluid resistant medical type 11R face masks 1x10

Strong Waterproof durable flight case

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