200ml aerosol releases a fog in the space it's placed killing viruses bacteria and mould.


It is an alcohol-based solution with additional biocides.


This product is effective against coronaviruses as well as 99.99% (Log5) of bacteria and viruses. Contains: METHANOL, PROPAN-2-OL, ETHANOL.


We currently meet BS EN 1276 & BS EN 1650



Room Fogger Sanitiser

  • The Total Room Sanitiser

    Safe2Stay brings total peace of mind, disinfecting your space in a matter of minutes.

    Specially formulated with strong antibacterial and virus-fighting ingredients, Safe2Stay offers protection and reassurance. 

    Once the can is set off, within 2 minutes, Safe2Stay creates an anti-bacterial and anti-viral fog, covering all surfaces, including walls and ceilings. 

    After sanitising the space it’s in, the solution evaporates, leaving no residue. Just return after 20 minutes, ventilate and you are Safe2Stay.

    Large room coverage of 100 cubic meters – 5m x 5m X 5m Room. More than one can be used for large spaces.

    Manufactured in the United Kingdom. Tested and approved: We meet BS EN 1276 as well as BS EN 1650 standards for biocidal efficiency.

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