Sprayer Electric ULV Fogger Sprayer Cold Fogging Machine, 4.5 L


Portable Sterilizer - Atomizer Disinfection for Hospitals -Schools-warehouses-offices-any business requiring disinfection.


Product description
Portable design more convenient to use- large spray, high efficiency and time saving.

High power - high speed air mist - rapid diffusion - high penetration labour saving.

Adopt a corrosion-resistant medicine box a body made of PP engineering material solid and durable.



The fine size of the atomization flow can be adjusted at will by spraying more than 90% of the diameter of the liquid droplets.


Suspended in the air for a long period can be more viscous chemical agents to implement a spray at very low volume save drugs.


1. Droplet size less than 120 microns.

2. Tank capacity--4.5L.

3. Droplet reachable distance--10meter.

4. Cable: 5 meters.

5. The angle of 60 degrees can be adjusted, up to 40 degrees, and

down to 20 degrees.


Quickly adjust the angle with the quick lock device.

6. 220V-240V 50HZ, great to apply in daily life.  It is widely used in schools, hospitals, nursing homes, greenhouses, stables, warehouses, residential and farm.

Package included:
1 * ULV sprayer

1 box Antibak high level steriliser 

Fogger system with antiviral disinfectant powder

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